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ooooooooooooooooooh my gosh! :D how's it going? read this, i am nice!

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  • ooooooooooooooooooh my gosh! :D how's it going? read this, i am nice!

    does anyone actually live in puerto rico? i will be moving there soon, but only because i change my mind constantly, do things out of the ordinary and instantaneously! can't keep me tied down, and even though i've never been to puerto rico i am still coming. so, how about some advice? it would be appreciated

    x megan

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    Yes, go

    Hey. I've lived in Puerto Rico for 9 years, though now I am studying in the States. Puerto Rico is the best place I have ever lived. It is my home. I am very familiar with the east side (from the Humacao area to the Guaynabo area to the Luquillo area). Assuming you are an American, things will not be as easy a living in the States. There is a little Anti-American sentiment in PR, but nothing to be worried about (well, not for me anyways). If you are anything like me, you will fall in love with the island the minute you step foot on it.

    Enjoy Puerto Rico!

    PS - the naval base is no more as of February 2004, in case you are military.


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      Pueto Rico is quite expensive. If you would like to have a moderate living you need to make around $38,000.00 a year and eventhough that I can not guarantee you will find a nice cheap apartment or house in any of the major metropolitan cities such as the San Juan area. P.R. is an US territory so english as a second language is taught at school from first grade on. Although you may find bilingual people along the P.R. coast it is not same story for people living across the island, but making yourself understandable will not be too tough at all. Most people are friendly and willing to give you directions to wherever you want to go.

      There are few newspapers in the island you can read to find good professional/technical jobs, houses and apartments: El Nuevo Dia, Hora, and San Juan Star in English and Spanish, and el Vocero. You can access in the net find a good apartment , house and job.

      Puerto Rico is beautiful ! It is a pity that only most visited cities like San Juan or Ponce are promoted on tourism brochures. We have beautiful beaches, Good area for snorkling, scuba diving, tourism to follow natural trails, an exuberant tropical forrest on the east, a the El bosque seco on the west, a fluorescent bay, caves, the observatory - biggest radal on the caribbean, two small island to visit: Vieques and Culebras with gorgeous beaches, and finally but not last, the Mona Island for hiking, camping, scuba diving and sea turtle nest watching. Mona is protected by government so access is controlled requring some permits by the department of forrestal and wild life. There is a hunting season at Mona for wild hogs and goats too.
      Night live is excellent in the major metropolitan areas. However, I recommend (although expensive) to hang out around hotels, casinos and major crowded pubs in the San Juan area. Otherwise could be kind of risky because criminality is a litle to high for an small island like this one. DO NOT be afraid! Take your safety precautions and come down. YOU WOULD NOT REGRET !!


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        me also heard some negative things about staying there , but when i went there i really didn't find such a thing , yes there might be some vegetative thinking but very rare not commonly .
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