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Cycling from San Juan to Pozuelo

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  • Cycling from San Juan to Pozuelo

    Hello, me and some co-workers plan on ccycling from San Juan to Pozuelo on the 16th of september. We will camp out there and get a good early start back to do some sightseeing done. We would like to find either a police escort, or just someone to follow us through the mountains with there flashers on. I'm not sure how big our group will be by the time we get there, but it will deffinetly be fun for all of us. This will be my first trip to P.R. Some of my co-workers are from there, so they at least know the ropes better than myself, thank goodness... If you have any information on the escort part, or would like to help us out yourself, feel free to e-mail me at, also post the reply here for others to see too, thx, Henry

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    Cycling from San Juan to Pozuelo

    Hi. Did you make the trip? I live in Pozuelo and had to leave due to Jeanne.


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      Marta, no we didn't get there to ride. Jeane messed the flights up there too. We decided to go to San Diego instead. We had a great time there, so it wasn't a wash out. A friend of mine from there said we'd have to ride our bikes against the flow of traffic, is that so ? Do you see many people riding bikes along the roads ? I still want to come out n ride there, maybe once hurricane season is over... lol. Thx, Henry


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        I'm glad you enjoyed beautiful Cali, it was the nicest place to be during this Hurrican season. I kept up with the weather there because I just moved here from San Jose last August (2003). I love San Diego went there often for my last job. I miss California, mostly I miss the weather and my friends. Well enough of that...........
        Yes, you must ride with the flow of traffic here and I do see people biking from Santa Isabel to Guayama mostly on dry evenings and Sundays. I think it's a good idea to have cars convoying with you.
        Well hope you guys can make it out soon.
        Take care.


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          The only Pozuelo I know is in Guayama so ccycling from San Juan to Pozuelo is impossible. From San Juan to Guayama there is a HWY and cycing is not permitted. Nevertheless you can get off from HWY in Cayey. Use the side roads down hill to Salinas and from there to Pozuelo. I do not know what might be your experience cycling in other countries but here in Puerto Rico everybody drive in a rush. So, ccycling could be very dangerous. Be careful !


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            Thank you very much for the advice on crazy drivers, we have plenty of them here in the state of Tx also... I believe the route I've chosen is on side rds all the way down, however, I would like to spend about 10 days touring Puerto Rico by bike. Yall have what seems to be many beautiful things to see in a relatively small area. If I'm not mistaken the island is about 70 square miles ... Me and a friend have made arrangements to tour France for 10 days in June, so it looks like I'll have more time to plan a safer route... My co-workers from P.R. are also giving me pointers too. Hope to here back from you, Henry


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              Henry :

              P.R. is around 50 times bigger than the 70 number you mentioned! . However you are right on the money because we do have many places to go and visit here in Puerto Rico. So, 10 days cycling I do not think you would be able to see more than 1% to 2% of the nicest places in Puerto Rico.

              Whenever you plan for cycling in P.R. take into consideration the weather. At this time of the year until August is quite steamy. So being out exercising that much requires a great physical condition and extra effort. So, I recommned you to plans for Winter when it is cooler and very refreshing at night.

              I am pretty sure there may be a club or something here in the island that perhap you can contact for any upcoming activities (I know because I have see huges ciclying groups on the road cycling). Next time I see this kind of group on the road I will ask.

              Although I have been in France before I am going back again , this time with my wife. We will fly in May 21 from P.R. to Newark, New Jersey and from there to Paris. We will stay in France for 7 days. I ve been there before(visited some contryside areas also)it is quite beautiful. Although center city is like any other big city -crowdy and a lot of traffic- I found it easy to move around and very safe. I think that cycling would be safe, exciting and very refreshing specially if you go at the beginning of June when the weather is not yet that humid and sticky. (rains a lot).

              I notice that french people from city are more tolerant to foreigners than people from country side. They are always willing to help , provide directions and take the time to listen to you. My experience was that speaking spanish and english was not a problem in the big city. But in the countryside was horrible, people not even care to spare sometime on trying to help you (seemed not too friendly or probably too shy). So make sure that if you going cycling be with some locals to ease your whereabouts in the countryside.



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                Nothing its imposible!!!!! The route from San Juan to Pozuelo.
                You have to ride from San Juan to Piņones then from Piņones you ride to Loiza, at Loiza you ride to take the carretera #3 in Canovanas, you can ride at carretera#3 then you can go tru Rio Grande, Luquillo(beach and some places to stay) the next day you can follow the carretera#3 to Fajardo then Ceiba and Naguabo(another beach you can stay), next day from Naguabo to Humacao , Yabucoa and Maunabo(You can visit El faro de Maunabo and stay there, another beach), next day from Maunabo to Patillas, arroyo and finally Pozuelo(Guayama).
                Many places to stay at cheap prices, Pozuelo area begin at carretera #3. Then you can pay some of the nativos there to take all of you and your bicycles back to San Juan.
                Have a nice trip