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African American women visiting Puerto Rico.

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  • African American women visiting Puerto Rico.

    Hello all,
    I'm new to this forum, i'm really glad I found it because I have a question regarding my trip to Puerto Rico in July!
    As the title says i am an African American woman, and I have been doing a little research about my trip and found that some people in Puerto Rico look down on black americans? I find this a little shockng because for all of my life I have been close with people from all over. There was no separation between my Puerto rican, jamaican, dominican, haitian, panamanian and black friends. We all did the same things and respected and shared each others cultures (thanks to that I can salsa my tail off)!!! OK back to the trip, I'm traveling with 2 other friends and we really just want to have a good time. We're not looking to find the men of our dreams (2 of us are married) but it would at least be nice to have someone ask us to dance if we go to a club!!! I've really been looking forward to this trip and would just be devistated if i got there and were treated like i was on my last visit to Indiana BTW.. nobody with melanin should go to Indiana!!

    Also, any suggestions on places to go or things to do would be greatly appreciated. We're going to be staying at the Intercontinental in San Juan.


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    Can I ask first of all why do give such importance to identify yourself as an African American woman?

    Lady we could care less about the color of your skin and we do not have segregated places of entertainment or diversion. This is not South Africa. We never had apartheid here...


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      I'm sure by now Keara has or has not made the trip to Puerto Rico. I don't know what her source of information was, but it was definitely incorrect insofar as the notion of African-Americans being disliked in Puerto Rico goes. I've never heard of such a thing. Then of course, if you're gonna go there and act in an unruly way, then you won't feel welcomed there or anywhere.


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        according my stay there i didn't find such thing there , it some one mislead her , i think you should visit and i am sure that you will enjoy your stay there
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          Well, there could have been a slight increase of aversion to AAs after Bernard Hopkins threw the Puerto Rican flag to the ground and trampled it under his feet.. In fact, he's still boasting about it. So. sure, that could have had a slight negative effect for a while and maybe that aprehension was what the young lady heard about.