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  • Outdoor Adventures!!!

    Hey good people,

    I'm just trying to find out about "Outdoor Adventures" in Puerto Rico. I've tried the web sites (que and and they are absolutely no help.
    Yo soy de la isla pero vivo en Chicago asi que cualquier ayuda que me puedan dar sera apreciada (un numero de telefono o algun sitio donde averiguar.
    The type of things I'm looking for are like "extreme hikes" and that kind of thing. Any help will be appreciated.

    Con Respeto y Carino

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    Hi,My friend and I are also planning a trip to p.r.; and we have found great info thru several websites; here are a few addresses: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; if you are planning to rent a car, the cheapest rental agency that i found is : budget ; i also got a very good deal on my airfare. i went thru: ; its best to leave chicago on a tues or wed; oh, you can also try: ; i hope these websites provide you with the info you need. if you find any other websites that i may use, pls let me know. another website is: ; and also: ; enjoy and hope you find what you are looking for; apple in texas