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  • Someone Help Me Please!!!

    My cousin is getting married in Adjuntas mid-December.

    I am flying in with 3 friends from Florida.

    My 3 friends aren't familiar with anything other than American culture. I want to introduce them to Puerto Rican culture in a super fun way!

    We will be in PR for about 5 days...

    I want to have a great time! not really into clubs/bars, etc...more into relaxing and seeing some great, fun sites...

    most likely, i will hit El Morro at one point but being that it IS a little far, i was hoping for something more south or southwest...

    I really need help!

    muchisimas gracias!

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    come on down, I have been here for about a year now and been all over. you are goig to love the Island


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      All depends what you are looking for to entertain your friends!. If they like nature , Adjuntas has plenty. You can take your friend to lago garza for a relaxing day fishing or just following the natural trails in the area. There is now route 10 that take you from Adjuntas to Ponce. Ponce is about 45 minutes away from Adjuntas across the mountains. The best thing on driving across the mountains is that you are on a modern hwy. and the view is impressive. You would wonder how did they cut off those huge mountains to build this hwy!. Once in Ponce you can take them to center city. Full of history, museums and a very antique looks, take them to very old firehouse and on the trolly(small bus free of charge) it will take you around - ask for the city brochures. This trolly would take you to many places such as the Castillo Serralles, Ponce Museum, etc. Do not miss taking the trolly. If you like to eat fish and "frituras" ask how to get to la Guancha. It is a very nice place with a boardwalk. Very Romantic at night! You keep driving to the west once in Ponce and you would get to beautiful beaches at Guanica, Cabo Rojo and Mayaguez. Yauco is just after Ponce. Make a quick stop and eat the "Chuletas Can Can " you will not miss the signs. If you decide to stay one night in the are you can get instruction from any one on how to get to the Fluorecent bay (probably mispelled...sorry) ! Your friend will be impressed for life to see water sparkling like zillions of buglights !

      If you decide not to go there drive back route 10 North and the route will take you to lake Dos bocas. Just at the pier take one of the boats that would take you to any restaurant along the lake. Driving route 10 North follow signs to The observatory which is the biggest radal of the world or keep driving until you reach the hwy you took from San Juan -drive west to Camuy to visit the caves.

      Have fun !


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        Hola EER:

        I was born in Puerto Rico, and I could not agree with you more. There are so many things to do in Puerto Rico, from Fishing to hiking, etc... I must say, that the "FUN" you have in Puerto Rico will only depend on what you make out of everything you see and do.

        On another note,My Fiancee was born in New York City, although his Parents are from Puerto Rico, he had never been to the Island due to work and not knowing how to drive from point A to B. He always talked about wanting to go out there and live "EL CAMPO LIFESTYLE" In September of 2004, I spoke with his boss and requested 2 wks off so that I could suprise him with a vacation trip I had planned. Believe me he got the feeling of "CAMPO LIFE" when Puerto Rico was under the Hurrican Season... we stayed at my Uncle's home in Luquillo right by el Balneario y los make the story short...all 5 days we were in the Island, the we had a generator since the Eastern part of the Island was the last one to get back the Electricity.

        Everyday in the Island for him was an adventure, just like Gilligan's Island. He still loved it and we have gone there in February of 2005 and will be there again from June 30th to July 11th.

        Looking forward to another vacation from work,


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          Have a Productive and Creative day!

          Alberto U Rios
          Owner Operator