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Puerto Rico in December

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  • Puerto Rico in December

    Hi. My wife and I will be visiting PR in December and wondered what things may be going on specially then.. possibly for Christmas holidays. If there are special events that we might need advanced reservations for.. that kinda stuff. Would appreciate your responses.

    Thanks, Doug

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    Well, you can at least go to see the light displays at the neighborhoods.

    [i]Entire neighborhoods compete, and they really go at it with gusto in PR.

    Perhaps the hotel you stay at may have a Christmas tour prepared, or may give you information on it.

    Be aware that the current political environment has fostered an atmosphere for crime, so be aware of this.

    In the San Juan Metropolitan Area there might be some theatrical Christmas presentations. Go see one based on Puerto Rican Folklore. Perhaps some bright Puerto Rican empresario has one in English based on Puerto Rican Folklore.

    Also, Christmas is the time for eating ROAST PORK and many other local dishes, so ask in your hotel about the availability of a Christmas tour with Traditional Puerto Rican Christmas Dishes.

    If not, I am sure that some of the top Puerto Rican Restaurants may provide Traditional Puerto Rican Christmas Dishes.

    One thing that you may notice, though I did missed in 1992, was that Puerto Rican Christmasses are very MUSICAL and NOISY. Yep, Christmas is the time to PARTY in Puerto Rico, but again, do so in a SECURED event.

    Anyway, if you communicate via e-mail or phone with the major Puerto Rican hotels they may help you plan your stay to get the most out of it.
    PS, Puerto Rican roads are literally for ONLY THE FITTEST TO DRIVE, particularly ever since two years ago, kind of "LAW OF THE JUNGLE". So, unless you have learned to drive in New York City, or Miami, I would advise you to drive the least possible. I did find that driving out in the Western part of the Island was more CIVILIZED than driving around the San Juan Metropolitan Area. If you plan to drive maybe you should look into going to stay at a Resort WEST of Ponce and Arecibo.[b]