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  • accomodation help please

    hi everybody,

    i live in dallas, texas and want to travel to puerto rico and spend about three weeks in order to improve my spanish.
    i am looking for a not expensive way to stay. so if i can find somebody who is willing to share his or her appartment, or any body who wants to take me as room mate.
    i need help with the following:

    1. if you are willing to share an apartment or know somebody who is, please let me know.

    2. please get me information on how to find people looking for room mates. or furnished small apparts.

    3. information on employment agencies in pr. i have a degree in computer science, speak different languages and willing to take almost any temporary job.

    i can be contacted y email:
    thank you


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    hi im ismael moving to pr this month from cali. im not sure
    that i can be much of a help. just getting out of the military and am also looking for a place or roomate.
    my spanish isnt good either, i got some family there but i
    want to go to school. i was thinking about dorms but i dont
    know wich ones have them.