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    Hello all, it seems I may be yet another intruder into your fine land...but not as a tourist; I need REAL culture, not McDonald's and Wal-Mart...

    I apologize for asking so much, but here are some questions I'd love to have answered:

    What is the average price of a one or two bedroom apartment in San Juan and outside? How available are they? (I'm loking for something small and maybe even a bit slummy--hopefully not too slummy, but not in a towering building or condo complex--like someone's basement or loft or garage or something simple and real)

    How easy is it to get a simple job like a deck hand on a boat, at a cafe, as a bartender, or construction work--something along the lines of "general help" with only a minimal knowledge of Spanish, and two years of university under my belt? Does the economy tend to prefer native Puerto Ricans over Continentals? Are there job opportunities in small fishing towns far away from the Big City?

    Would it be unadvisable to show up with no job and no place to stay with expectations that both house and work would find its way to me within one month? two months?

    Most importantly: how much is a pack of cigarettes?

    Take care and hopefully I'll see you sexy beasts in September...

    thanks bunches,

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    Ok, I got the answer for the price of apartments after many headaches trying to logically translate spanish w/o any real bilingual abilites...

    still need to know about the availability of service jobs for non-natives and THE PRICE OF CIGARETTES. I guess I should assume abou the same price as the mainland, but who knows....

    thank you


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      smokes are $3.75 for marboro lights. You can get apartments for as little as $300, but you will have to fight for you life.

      San Juan area you can easily get those types of jobs as the restaurants and hotels cater to tourists, thus spanish isn't required.

      I think in a month you could be able to find work and a place to stay.