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  • Apartments for students

    I am considering going to the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metro campus. I have never been to PR before and so this will be my first time there, and living there alone. I wanted to know if anyone knew where there were apartments that were geared more towards students, or that had a reasonable rent price in the area of Hato Rey, or somewhere close by, that was near the transit routes. Also, I know, these are a lot of questions, but if anyone knew about jobs for english speaking students. I am not exactly fluent and I just keep finding all of these jobs for bilingual people. So if you know any information, please let me know! Thanks!

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    ME TOO!!

    Wow, someone with my same issue. I am currently going to the University of Florida but am moving to PR in September. I have taken spanish classes but am still not fluent...i can understand a lot more than i can speak. I have been looking for a school in PR with english classes but so far no luck. Everyone tells me that the classes are in spanish and the books are in english. I need to find an apartment that isn't too expensive and job as soon as i get there. Please let me know of any luck you are having in your search. I was considering living on the east coast, around the rincon area. I have heard it is very touristy there and I will probabaly have a better shot at finding a job where they need english speaking employees. Please Please email with any helpful information/websites that you have found during your search. This is also my first time i feel for you. Good luck on your move.
    Trisha Rodriguez


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      Employment in Sna Juan area for English speakers

      I have been studying Spanish for 1 year and am interested in living in Puerto Rico but am finding it difficult to find employment. Can anyone suggest an employment agency or national company that hires non bilingual employees. This would be a great assistance until my language skills improve.


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        WOW! ooooooooh my gosh

        i am in the same situation. i will be moving there, but need to know about jobs and what not. maybe we can all combine information?

        xx meg!