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Here's My Favorite Spots in Puerto Rico

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  • Here's My Favorite Spots in Puerto Rico

    See my recommendations for vacation activities in
    Puerto Rico at:

    Just Click on Beaches and Sightseeing!

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    thanks that was nice looking at that i'm going back to P.R. very soon


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      Visting for the first time

      My boyfriend and I are planning to visit his homeland of Puerto Rico. We have not a clue where a nice, inexpensive hotel is. We want to be near the ocean but not on it. We plan on seeing the fort, the caves, the mountains, and maybe even the huge dish. I just want to see a coqui . If anyone knows of a great flight and hotel package please let me know. Thanx!


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        heloo jc83,

        Try these sites as well as any info from here.

        Also, try the bookstores. You can go into many of the larger ones and find the Frommer's or Foder's current guides to Puerto Rico without even buying them. Grab a coffee, water or whatever and browse away. Our Barnes and Nobles store has a few comfortable chairs and I can get lost in thinking about what I'll be doin this December for three weeks when we go. Don't stop at one or two suggestions though. There's so much info out there that you too will start dreamin about your vacation on the great island of Puerto Rico.
        Be Smart...Be Safe...Have Fun.