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  • Humacao

    I'm traveling to Humacao in a couple of weeks, and am looking for a hotel/motel. Don't want a beach resort...want local culture, so I'd like to choose among all available accomodations in Humacao. Can't find anything online except the big beach resort.

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    Just found your question, Oct 29th. I guess you must have been there and back home by now, but anyhow, if not, here are some observations.

    There was a time when all towns on the island had guest houses or small hotels. High-ways have eliminated the need to stay overnight in many towns. Only Ponce , Mayaguez and beach towns like Fajardo, Cabo Rojo and some mountain towns like Utuado and Jayuya have beautiful "Paradores".

    About Humacao I dont know of any available hotel in town except the over priced Palmas del Mar. On the other hand there are a lot of nice restaurants, not necessariy the chain American types like Chilis or Ponderosa. Nonetheless, the one who beats them all is La Pescaderia in Palmas del Mar. WAIT! If you think its just another tourist trap, IT ISN'T! In fact its the most authentic joint in the whole area, rustic with outside dining among pelicans, sea gulls , flies and sea breeze. No credit cards are accepted and the clientel is local , hardly any Gringos.

    Warning: Just ask the guard at the entrance for LA PESCADERIA and they will direct you to it. If you come in with a du rag and a hip hop look they won't let you in.


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      local clubs and nite life in san juan

      hi me and a group of friends are gonna be going to san juan in januray and we were wanting to know what and where are the hots spots to go to for the nite life and the exciting things to do there any suggestions