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    Choosing the right tour guide”
    In the past, this task of finding a tour guide was probably very limited but thanks to the internet, this is like taking a pitcher of water out of the refrigerator.
    It will not guarantee you get exactly what you are looking for but it will get pretty close.
    As a tour guide on the lovely island of enchantment, I can probably speak on behalf of all the tour guides, for several reasons. One reason is definitely my 22 years in the business. Another reason is my experience working with several companies and now self-employed. Still another reason can be my involvement with the Puerto Rico Tourist Board and related government agencies.
    This means that I am a certified tour guide and a member of the Puerto Rico Tour Guide Society.
    When looking for the right tour guide, probably being government certified is probably the right word. A certified tour guide had to take some classes, had to take an exam and simply had to be educated.
    So, what can you do to find the right tour guide? Start by giving the tourist board of the place you are visiting a call and ask. If you were to call the Puerto Rico Tourist Board at 800-866-7827, don’t be surprise if they recommend me as one of the many.
    Keep in mind that the tourist board is not a company and has no favorites. They provide the caller with all the possible options. Remember they can only provide the names of tour guides that are certified.
    Now back to the internet. You know that some people show up on search engines, others do not.
    Some certified or non-certified tour guides can appear on the top but you know that it is a big cyber world. Keep in mind that many times a tour guide will create a commercial name and you might have to start that way. For example, I am Countryside Tours.
    The internet has been good to me so I know that this is one of the ways.
    So take it from this humble tour guide that finding the right guide can be as easy as opening the fridge for a glass of water…
    Good luck with your search and when you look for a tour guide on the lovely island of Puerto Rico , I hope you find me, amigo.

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    Mr. tour46

    See, I have seen many times the touristy places, I want something completely different , a real experience of what takes place in P.R. I want a tour like the ones in L.A. were they show you the bullet-ridden neighborhoods and the famous rappers old digs and the notorious drive-bys. Can you organize a tour of the meanest caserios like Llorens, Canales. Lopez Sicardo and the other bad residenciales? I would like to see the places where the biggest "masacres" took place ( something like La Tombola) and witness a raid on a "punto" by the FURA forces from a safe distance. What about a tour of the Capitol where the biggest mafia resides, to see them in action as they fleece the taxpayer and pad their expense accounts, and the Legislators and the agency heads homes?, the ones that stole millions from their constituents, and all the other thiefs from both parties. That would be cool! To visit the police headquarters and palm the thousands upon thousands of confiscated weapons and maybe go to a shooting gallery and try them out, that would be awesome, especially the AK's and the Uzis. and AR-15's. What about the police evidence locker where thousands of pounds of confiscated drugs are kept, maybe take some home like the cops themselves do quite often. Another interesting tour could be to go at night, with night-vision goggles to Desecheo island and see the hundreds of Haitian and Dominicans entering the island illegaly and observe their original yolas and made up vessels. Check their false documents and see their originality and cunning with the use of fake and real birth certificates. Also gather a bunch or reggaetoneros and hear them sing their lullabys to crime and drug use and bandoleros and maybe they'll show us their scars from their own shootings. Now, that 'll be a real tour of the island of enchantment. Can you arrange something like that for my friends and I?
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      that would be a great tour to organize.

      Hey Yujike, your request sounds like a great idea but as I read your message I think you know more about those places than I.
      You might want to consider taking a tour guide course and becoming a tour guide with your own exclusive tour. I am sure that none of us government certified tour guides with all the credentials will conduct, what you called "the bullet proof" tour.
      You might want to write a letter to the Presidents of Tourism Commissions in the Senate and the House of Representative to help you get started.
      Looking forward to seeing you offering the tour out in the market.
      Good luck in your possible new venture.


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        Don Tour46, you have a really good sense of humor and I appreciate that. As you might have imagined I was writing in jest, but you might be right that there could be a market for this kind of tour, as they have one now in Los Angeles, which is very popular. Good luck in your endeavors.


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          The bullet proof tour

          hahahaha Yujike, I dont see anywhere in my immediate future doing this kind of tour but if I change my mind, I might need your expertise. hahaha just joking.
          Hey Yujike, you can help in my endeavors by spreading the words about Countryside Tours - Home

          I am also a part San Juan Happy Tours - Home

          or singing salsa at Plaza Colon with tourists and tour guides.
          Im the guy with the guitar see: YouTube - Puerto Rico Salsa at Plaza Colon

          Yujike, one more question,,,...what does Yujike mean, I dont recalled seeing the possible Taino word????


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            I made the name up for a Nueva Cancion group I played percussion for. It consists of YUkiyu, BoJIke and YaKE, which are taino words. I actually own the name and it is registered. I use to play percussion at UPR when I was a student there in the early 70's and usually join percussion sessions in every city I visit, so maybe we'll see you there this summer.


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              the Percussion Tour

              Hey Yujike, now we are talking about another tour...lets call it the percussion with Yujike...
              Think about it....
              Yujike, I too was a bass player in the early 70`s and recorded with this band back then,
              YouTube - Orquesta Amistad - TECATO
              Now I only play guitar with tourists
              see: YouTube - Puerto Rico Salsa at Plaza Colon


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                Looking for a good tour guide?

                If you are planning to visit Puerto Rico and would like more information on just about anything, check out, Puerto Rico Tour Guide Society - Welcome
                Government certified tour guides have gotten togetther just for that purpose.
                From providing a San Juan walking tour to bird-watching.
                From transportation to a hotel to a private driving tour to regular bus group tours.

                Let the Puerto Rico Tour Guide Society [/URL]and their 100 guides help plan your vacation.


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                  Don Tour I'll be in P.R. this whole summer, but as I said before I've seen just about everything P.R. and the adjacent islands have to offer. Is there something really novel out there that maybe I have not seen? This is our first trip after retirement and my wife wants to spend time with her mother who is in her 80's, but I'm sure we can find sometime to wander around. Our routine has been reduced to: Luquillo Beach in the am and una charca en el Yunque in the pm. We will be in Juncos so these places are close by. We have visited every 3 or so for the past 35 years and always with a plan and I have advised many people here in Connecticut who want to visit the island, about what to do and where to go. (I know, I did for free and there is a career out there doing this.) I'll visit the links and see what is really new. Thanks again.


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                    if you are looking for a reason to go to Puerto Rico....

                    “10 reasons to come have a vacation in Puerto Rico”

                    How many times have you heard yourself saying, “I need a break”. Yes, I know exactly what you mean and today I would like to tell you ten reasons why you should take a vacation on the enchanted island of Puerto Rico.
                    Reason # 10 can simply be because it is like going to another country but you don’t need a passport. You can still use U S currency and most people know some English.
                    Reason # 9 is that you can go the many casinos in the hotels.
                    Reason # 8 is that there are almost 20 golf courses around the island
                    Reason # 7 is that there are so many different types of beaches. You can go surfing in the west or just find calm waters in the south.

                    Up to now, these reasons are pretty easy to understand but now let us take a vacation to see something that you have never seen before.
                    Reason # 6 is visiting the Arecibo Observatory and the Rio Camuy Caves. Both these attractions are unique to Puerto Rico and simply a must see.
                    Reason # 5 is visiting two old colonial cities like San Juan and Ponce. This reason could have been # 1 but for now lets just say that this is a historical reason.
                    Reason #4 is basically a new attraction that many people want to experiment. It is called the luminescent bay. There are not many in the world that you can go to very easily.
                    Reason # 3 and I take advantage of the upcoming concert of Paul McCartney. Yes, Puerto Rico has seen top musicians and singers performing in top quality coliseums.

                    Oh my, I have two more to go and do not which one is more important than the other. Well, here it goes.
                    Reason #2, would be to taste something different like alcapurrias, bacalaitos, mavi, tamarindo, pinchos, lechon asado, pasteles and parcha. Sorry, I don’t know the Spanish translation to some.

                    Reason # 1, is something that is easy to do but you would not think about it, if someone does not suggest it. Number 1, is to plan your vacation with the idea of staying all over the island in one week.
                    Yes, think about it. You arrive and at the airport you rent a car. You go west so you can spend a night in Arecibo. The next day go west to Rincon. The next day go south to Ponce. The next day go east to Humacao. The next day go north to Fajardo and finally back to San Juan.
                    You combine these towns with sightseeing and you have a very unique experience.
                    For more information on how to do this, please go to
                    Puerto Rico Tour Guide Society - Welcome

                    or ask me, your friendly tour guide and friend.


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                      Doing something local-way.

                      Doing something local-way.

                      Most visitors to San Juan, Puerto Rico, do not know that this city in the Caribbean has an 11 mile train system.
                      The locals call it “the urban train”.
                      It starts at, “Sagrado Corazon” train station and ends at Bayamon, 17 stops later.
                      It does the whole trip in less than an hour.
                      See Tren Urbano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more information

                      I invite you to do something local and this is the way to do it.
                      First, you must get to pier # 2 in old San Juan. This usually can be done by taking a city bus from any of the two hotel areas at $0.75 cents. Bus #C-53, B-21, A-5 will take you to the bus terminal in the old city in front of pier # 4.
                      (Need correct change for the bus)
                      From here you walk down to pier # 2 to take the ferry.
                      Now before you start to take out your wallet out, you might want to consider using your loose change because the fare is only $0.75 cents.
                      There are two ferries and you want the one that goes to Hato Rey, ( not Cataño).
                      The ferry goes through the San Juan bay and through a canalized mangrove area, stopping right smack in the financial district.
                      Get off the boat and find your way to the elevated train station. You can not miss it.
                      The train ride to Bayamon is $ 1.50 p/p and you must purchase a train pass. You will see how it is done. If not the friendly guards or dispatchers there will help.

                      Okay so you got the pass and your board the next train to Bayamon. Once inside the train, get ready to see plenty of the New San Juan area on the way to Bayamon. Take a map so you can understand it better.

                      Now in Bayamon, what can you do? Well, you can visit Bayamon Center, Science Park or a local shopping mall called, “Canton Mall”. It has a local flavor that I believe you will enjoy. Go to the food court and have a cup of coffee.

                      When you are ready to leave, go back the way you came. You know, get on the Bayamon train but this time go to the last stop, Sagrado Corazon.
                      Here you will go down to the bus stop, right outside the train stop and look for the Metro bus to old San Juan for $ 0.50 cents. (correct change)
                      This bus will take you to back to the old city bus terminal but on the way you will be seeing the downtown area, the locals call Santurce.
                      Now you can do more local things but that would be on the next article.

                      We hope you enjoy the San Juan city-train adventure.

                      Ask about a certified tour guide going with you.
                      Contact one of the local tour companies or the Puerto Rico Tour Guide Society.
                      click on: Puerto Rico Tour Guide Society - Welcome


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                        cruise ship passengers

                        cruise ship passengers docking at the San Juan port can find good bargain tours at:
                        Home - San Juan Happy Tours


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                          best way to see a place

                          check out the local tour guides like Welcome - Puerto Rico Tour Guide Society