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  • Home for the 1st time in TEN years

    My mom moved us to the U.S. when I was nine and I haven't been back to PR since! Honestly, I've adjusted to the lifestyle we have here and according to my family in PR, things are quite different considering where we live now and where we used to live. This summer mom decided to take us on vacation back home for the first time. Part of me is scared to go, mostly because of issues with my father, and part of me is extremely excited because at the end of the day, that's where I come from.
    Anyway, we are landing at the airport in San Juan. I honestly can't remember. But is that airport super busy? Is it nice?
    In your opinion, are things in PR good or bad? I've heard mixed opinions.

    OH and on a side note, I'm hoping to propose to my girlfriend soon. So I've got to get an engagement ring. I was wondering if PR had something like the Irish do. You know the claddagh rings? Is there something special like that? Probably not or I would have heard of it. And since there probably isn't anything like that, what can I bring back my girlfriend that's special? Something romantic I mean.
    Thanks for your help!

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    [SIZE="5"][Young brother, your experience regarding your return trip Puerto Rico will depend on your planning, expectations, and your attitude. Take time to plan each day while you are there, even if a day may be just sitting around and talking to your family; Bring a good camera or video camera and record the event. Since you have not been there in 10 years keep in mind that things may change a lot in that time and your expectations should take this into account.

    In terms of whether things are bad in Puerto Rico, I would say yes, but they are just as bad in many other places. I live in a middle class neighborhood where million dollar homes are a long walk away, people have manicured lawns, nice cars and 2.5 kids in each family. Sounds good right; but I can also tell you that in my neighborhood the youngest child murder in NJ history took place, child predators live here, assaults, robberies and burglaries take place, and two years ago a man tried to kill his wife by shooting her in the head and then he shot and killed himself; she lived and is now blind and totally disabled. Bad happens everywhere, especially nowadays where life seems to have lost value, people are more self centered, and respect is virtually non-existent. [That being said, always take reasonable precautions where ever you are; stay on the beaten path, and follow your gut instinct if you feel an area is not safe].

    Finally best of luck with your lady. I have a beautiful claddagh ring and I bought one for my wife many years ago in Rhode Island, but Puerto Rico has beautiful jewelry shops with very unique items. Why not buy something that reflects the beauty of the island for yourself or loved ones.

    Bueno, best of luck to you and hope that you have a great homecoming;

    Mucho exito compa!