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any tips for me?

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  • any tips for me?

    i am heading to puerto rico sometime in october and i was hoping for some advise and maybe some connections with locals.

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      As for anywhere, crime exist. As long as you don't go wondering into unknown dark places you should be alright.
      As for places to go, Visit the Caves in Camuy, Beaches all around, take the new Highway, it circles the island stay at Paradores not hotels, visit the islands, specially Culebra, Go to San Juan and visit the forts, definitley, experience real PR food, go to little shacks like in Luquillo, they have some of the best food.
      I'll be there in October as well, Enjoy Yourself!


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        I would advise you to go to the West Coast: to Joyuda and Cabo Rojo. It is not as dangerous as the San Juan Area. A good inn or lodge to stay is Parador Perichi's. They have a restaurant, the prices are affordable, and you got the nicest beaches in the Caribbean right there (and some of them are just minutes away by car). Don't rent a Cadillac and you will keep yourself from being too obvious as a non-local. I would advice on renting a car like the Ford Contour or the Plymouth Cirrus/Breeze. Get yourself a map (they are sold at some gas stations, and perhaps they will give you one at the car rental).

        If you want to have the resort experience (twice as expensive as Perichi's) go to Palmas del Mar, on the East Coast, or to El Conquistador Hotel, one of the best in the entire Caribbean.

        Places to visit: La Parguera (pronounced lah-par-ghe-rah), the Caves of Camuy, the El Yunque Rainforest (pronounced el-yoon-keh), the thermal baths at Coamo [pronounced koh-ah-moh], El Morro fortress, the Radiotelescope at Arecibo, the archeological site at Tibes [tee-bes] and a nice drive on the Ruta Panoramica [the Panoramic Route].

        Go explore, and always have your eyes open. However, I have seldom seen tourists mistreated, our criminals tend to shy away from such targets because they would make the police and authorities come down really hard on them. On second thoughts, do rent a big car and do look like a tourist. I think 911 is the same emergency number as here, so if you choose to bring your cell phone or rent a local one you will have added protection. And park your car in well lighted public places, and if you can find a fee parking go for it; never park your car in back streets.

        Manuel Alonso