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  • Gay Inns in Puerto Rico

    I went to a Gay Tourism Expo in New York. There was a Gay Puerto Ricp booth with all sorts of information. I was glad to learn that Puerto Rico is getting to be forward thinking and modern. I got several flyers for Gay Inns but I have lost the folder they were in.
    Where can I get info on the Gay places to go in 'La Isla'? Also, what's up with this Vieques thing? I remember all these flyers for places to stay in Vieques. Has Vieques gone Gay?

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    Oh, Vieques has a lot of gay owned property and also the mainland. Some of the most fabulous properties there are Gay owned! Who do you think made Vieques the Trendy resort it is? Top American designers, mainland divas, great hoteliers and a lot of Boston residents! Now,Puerto Rico has a lot to learn but there is a huge Gay community there although a lot are undercover and "married". How else can they get their inheritance? Im talking money!

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      The sad thing about gay tiourism is that it creates a class of drug dependant youngsters that prey on old gay men tourist (it is mutual)... The Sex trade in PR is apalling and turns your stomach.


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        Pocho, you are so right about that statement. Its so sad to see how the tourists use this poor kids. One place that is a disgrace is that "Barefoot" bar, its disgusting. Why dont they tear it down and make a beautifull bar. The location is so beautifull, beach property and its such a dump! And to think of all the money the owners make. Why doesnt the Gay community in Puerto Rico demand a few fabulous places? Most clubs or bars are so outdated and they give you so much attitude. What is wrong?


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          That is very sad to hear. I have heard again and again the problems that exist in Puerto Rico do to drug abuse. I hope the teens wake up sometime soon.

          Gracias for all the advice and information Joseuno!
          Eres una estrella~