12 Best Tours & Excursions In Isla Verde, Puerto Rico (2023)

Isla Verde Beach is one of the most fun-loving and entertaining beaches in Puerto Rico.

In this article, I share with you some of my favorite activities in Isla Verde.

As a long-time resident and watersports enthusiast, I’m happy to share with you the best activities in Isla Verde Beach.


1. Surfing Activity

Puerto Rico is a great place to learn surfing, and the prime spot is right in Isla Verde Beach.   image of a woman surfing

The surf break is known as Pine Grove. It is a small wave with a sandy shore break. Several surf instructors are available to give you the basics so that you can pop up on the board and be surfing the waves in no time.

You can book a surfing class with Oferta del Día.


2. Jet Ski Tours

You can get your adrenaline fix with a jet ski tour on Isla Verde Beach.   image of a woman riding a jet ski

These guided jet ski tours explore the barrier islands and coral reefs.

Hit the throttle, and take in the views whether it be the skyline, beach scene, or marine life.

Book a guided jet ski tour with Archie Jet Ski Rental.


3. Bomba Plena Dance Experience

If you love to dance, then a Bomba Plena dance class is for you. image of a woman dancing Bomba Plena

This Afro-Caribbean-inspired music and dance is unique, in that the dancer leads the musicians.  

Participants will put on a colorful flowing dress, or traditional hats, and then learn the moves to lead the rhythmic sounds of the musicians.  

The activity is a rich cultural experience and should not be missed!


4. Beach Tennis Class

Beach Tennis is the most popular sport in Puerto Rico, and Isla Verde is the hot spot for playing.   image of a couple playing Beach Tennis

Locals and visitors alike love playing on the beaches’ golden sands, enjoying the sunshine, while working up a sweat.  

If you would like to try it, you can schedule a class with one of the Beach Tennis Pros at the Balneario of Carolina, or in several playing locations hosted by instructors in Isla Verde.


5. Hobie Cat Sailing Excursion

Get your sailing on with a Hobie Cat tour at the Escuela Deportivo de Vela.   image of a man sailing a hobie cat

This sail center is located inside the Balenario of Carolina Beach Park. You can schedule a guided tour and sailing class with a personable and knowledgeable sailing expert.  

The boats fit 2 or 4 people so expect a personalized experience. The calm waters, steady sea breeze, and great views make sailing in Isla Verde a fun and distinct island experience.


6. Parque Acuático Infantil Aquasol — Children’s Waterpark Experience

This activity is great for the little ones. The waterpark at the Balenario of Carolina Beach Park features a large pirate ship, and buckets of water and water spout spilling onto a colorful playground. Children love it! image of Parque Acuático Infantil Aquasol

The waterpark is inexpensive, which makes it a great choice for families. Expect a small water attraction within the Balneario of Carolina Beach Park. The park itself has a variety of other beach activities available for the whole family.


7. Scooter Rentals

Scooter rental is a favorite in Isla Verde. Visitors love riding around town and checking out the sites.  image of a scooter

They are cheap, unguided, and potentially hazardous.

To use the scooters, just open the QR code on your phone, and download the app, and the scooters will be ready to use.  

Sneakers and backpacks are recommended over flip-flops and purses. Dressing appropriately will help you to ride better.  


8. Windsurfing Classes

If you’re a nature lover at heart, then windsurfing classes is a fun activity for you. Catch the Seabreeze, and float between the horizon. image of a man windsurfing

If you ever wanted to try windsurfing, Isla Verde beach has some of the most desirable conditions worldwide for learning.  

Learn from an instructor how to harness the wind. Experience zipping across the water in this joyful watersports activity.

To book a windsurfing class, visit the Windsurfing Experience website. 


9. Bike Rentals

Isla Verde has great sidewalks and bike trails. Renting a bike is a fantastic way to enjoy your day.  image of 2 girls riding a bike

You can bicycle through the beach town, the Balneario of Carolina beach park, and down into Piñones forest.

The nearby mangrove forest has 12 miles of beach trails under a canopy of native trees. 

 If you make it to the trail’s end, you will be pleasantly rewarded with a view of the rocky beach below.


10. Cultural Tour of Piñones

If you’re looking for a cultural experience, then I recommend having a tour guide take you to Piñones.  

This area is actually very rustic, but it has some gems along the beachside shacks. Locals and visitors alike enjoy visiting different kiosks along the beach and sampling the local cuisine.   image of a deep-fried food in Piñones

Enjoy conch salad, local fish fritters, and of course tropical drinks! There are points of interest along the way which highlight the afro-Puerto Rican influences of this community.  

The beach and nature are also a welcomed retreat from the bustle of San Juan.


11. Scuba Diving Tours

If you’re certified in Scuba Diving, then you won’t want to miss the barrier reefs in San Juan. image showing a scuba diving experience in Isla Verde.

Local scuba shops can outfit you with gear, and guide you to the best reefs nearby.

Here you will see schools of angels, tangs, and sea turtles.

Occasional sightings of manatees and migrating species can be spotted on dives in Isla Verde.


12. Bio Bay Tours

If you haven’t done this before, you really shouldn’t miss it!

The bio bay glows with bioluminescence from sea life.

It’s only seen at night, which makes the adventures that much more exciting.image of 2 girls kayaking at Laguna Grande Bio Bay

Most of the transportation for the bio bay tours leaves from Isla Verde.

Find out more about the bio bay at 11 Best Bioluminescent Bay Tours in Puerto Rico article. 


FAQ Section

What is the best tour in Isla Verde Puerto Rico?

I love the Hobie Cat Sailing Experience in Isla Verde. It’s a great way to see the coastline while learning about sailing. Plus you will have an instructor with you. It’s really safe and at the same time an enjoyable activity.

What is the best excursion in Isla Verde for couples?

I would recommend the Bomba Plena dance classes, they are so much fun, and variations of Bomba Plena are perfect for couples. Plus it’s really a culturally unique experience, that is rare to experience in other places in the world. The other experience I would recommend is the nighttime kayak in the bioluminescent bay. Even though the bio bay is not technically in Isla Verde, most of the transportation departs from Isla Verde. There is really nothing more romantic than being under the stars, in a magical glowing lagoon in just your bathing suit. Kayaking at night is so much fun, and something couples shouldn’t miss while in Puerto Rico.


Final Thoughts

Isla Verde is a town made for having fun!

Yes, you should walk along the whole beach and see the lively scene. Yes, you should participate in watersports while you’re here.

Absolutely take in the local flavor whether it’s through dance, food, drinks, or the language.

Isla Verde is so accessible to the airport, and the city of San Juan.

It’s a place for indulging in pleasure, letting yourself be carefree, and most of all leaving the seriousness of life behind.

It’s worth a visit. We hope to host you soon!

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Ariana Santos

Writer at PuertoRico.com. I am a Santurce local in Puerto Rico who is obsessed with following cultural trends in art, music, sports, and fashion. I hope to uncover the perfect setting for your next experience. When I’m not writing, I am working in the live events industry, or sailing the coastline. 

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