Discover Culebra and Puerto Rico’s Top Beach Paradise

Culebra has a uniquely friendly atmosphere with wonderful beaches, anchorages and some good snorkeling spots to satisfy all your water-sport needs. Culebra also enjoys an all year warm climate with temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and it doesn't have a prolonged rain fall season. This means anytime is a good time to visit the Spanish Virgin Island of Culebra.

The people of Culebra enjoy a fascinating mixture of race and culture and are very helpful and respectable. Flamenco Beach is the most visited beach in Culebra, with its seemingly endless white sands clear, calm waters. This mixture provides the perfect environment for snorkeling, sun tanning and long invigorating strolls on the beach. Culebra was used for naval exercises until the year 1975. West of Flamenco beach you may find military relics and old tanks which make for great photographic material. Flamenco Beach is a protected Marine Wildlife Reserve, so you can take in the pleasures of a pristine beach away from the commercial world.

Culebra, though somewhat arid, is home to many interesting animal species. There are several nesting colonies of oceanic birds. Bird species such as Brown Boobies, Laughing Gulls, Sooty Terns, Bridled Terns and Noddy Terns grace the island. The Brown Pelican, Bahamas Pintail, Masked Duck and Ruddy Duck can be sighted in mangrove swamp areas were they nest and thrive. Culebra also provides habitats for the endangered Hawksbill and Leather Back Turtle species.

Culebra is an island which will not fail to give you an unforgettable and adventurous holiday experience. It has beaches, gift and craft shops, water sport amenities and hiking trails that will certainly leave you with memories of a great time.

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