Discover Fajardo – Watersports, Cocktails and Sun

Fajardo is probably the most beautiful little coastal town in Puerto Rico. It is a major boating center and has a wide variety of rentals and charters available for hire. Local centers also offer a variety of water sports and diving excursions on a daily basis as well as scheduled ferries and air services that carry passengers and cargo to Culebra and Vieques.

Fajardo has beautiful beaches that are surrounded by calm, clear waters which are ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving, offshore sailing and more. Fajardo is also home to “Las Cabezas”, one of the most important natural areas in Puerto Rico. Las Cabezas, which means “headlands”, refers to three headlands that extend into the Atlantic Ocean. It has an impressive representation of seven different ecological systems including beaches, coral reefs, lagoons, dry forests and mangroves and embraces a portion of the island’s lush tropical rain forests.

It also has a scientific research center that serves as a home for many endangered species. Visitors can explore the reserve along a network of trails and board-walks. The Island’s second oldest lighthouse, El Faro, is located here and offers a magnificent view of El Yunque on a clear day.

Clearly Fajardo is the perfect destination for people with a thirst for water sports and hiking. However if your idea of a perfect holiday is to sip cocktails on the beach then you’ll also find that Fajardo caters to you. The sun kissed Seven Seas beach will meet all your requirements. For the ultimate casino resort experience, be sure to stop by the Casino at Wyndham El Conquistador Resort. This extraordinary casino boasts a unique “Casablanca” Spanish theme and has a casual atmosphere.

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