Discover Humacao – La Cuidad Gris

Humacao is also known as "La Cuidad Gris", which means grey city, and was founded in April 1722. It was named after a local Indian chief called Jumacao. Humacao is a small little town and doesn't have any extraordinary tourist facilities, but it has a university with large sport facilities, a small airport that is served by Vieques Air Link with a daily flight from Vieques, a large golf course and miles of unspoiled seashore.

The city also enjoys the services of three very modern hospitals which have been renovated recently. Humacao is famous for its local greasy snack called “Granitos”, which is made from rice that is ground up and molded into oval shapes with a cheese center. This is then deep fried until it is golden brown. Granitos can be bought from a number of shops in either of the two shopping centers. People come from all over Puerto Rico to taste this delicacy.

About a kilometer off shore of Humacao is a small Island called Monkey Island. Monkey Island is an island inhabited by hundreds of Rhesus monkeys and was once used for scientific experiments in the early 1930’s. Research policies strictly limits the number of visitors to Monkey Island, but you can sail around it and snorkel and dive nearby to keep an eye on the monkeys from a distance, which may be safer for both you and the animals.

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