Be Sure Not to Miss Las Croabas

If you travel 35 miles east of San Juan in the county of Fajardo, you will find a little seaside village by the name of Las Croabas. This village has an estimated population of just over thousand people, the majority of whom make a living from fishing.

Close to the village of Las Croabas lies the nature reserve of Las Cabezas
de San Juan. It’s here that visitors can enjoy being surrounded by the beautiful coral reefs, majestic mangroves and the breathlessly tranquil bay.

Las Croabas is also very well known for its superb local restaurants, such as
Otello’s, inspired by the cuisine of Italy and with a choice of both indoor and outdoor seating in the old tradition. Here the chef is specifically known for his amazing selection of vegetarian, poultry, shrimp and fish dishes. If seafood is your forte then Blossoms is the place to be. And you’ll find good old 1950’s American-styled food at the Isabela’s grill. So set and date and come and enjoy an unforgettable holiday at Las Croabas.

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