Discover Rio Grande – Tropical Forests and Golfing Paradise

Delectably rich in its natural heritage, Rio Grande is the ideal place to get away from it all. Vast areas of natural Greenland and long strips of pristine beach provide the setting for many enjoyable activities. The El Yunque or Caribbean National Forest is noted for being the only tropical rain forest in the United States Forest Service system. Apart from this magnificent natural wonder, there are also large, beautiful lakes which provide ample opportunity for water sports. Bird watching is also very popular in Rio Grande.

If you are a keen golfer, you will discover that there is no shortage of facilities to keep you entertained. Rio Grande boasts several magnificent golf courses – some of which offer you the chance to play a single game in a variety of settings. These include the beach, forest, jungle and waterways. As you tee-off on your first hole, you’ll be able to stand back and breathe in the crisp, clean air while a view of mountains or beaches drains the tension from your body.

If you prefer something a bit livelier, you might try your hand at kayaking or sailing. Mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking are also offered at several nature preservation facilities. Most of the buildings and lodges have facilities for handicapped people and transport can usually be provided.

You will find that many of the hotels are nestled in wonderful valleys or on sea shores and they provide the perfect atmosphere in which to relax after a day well spent playing golf or doing some other activity. Rio Grande is situated only 30 minutes from San Juan. Why not make a stop in Rio Grande for a holiday and find out what you like best about the place for yourself?

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