Aguas Buenas Offers Great Vacation Spots

Aguas Buenas is a town in Puerto Rico that is commonly known as "La Ciudad de las Aguas Claras" or "the city of clear (good) waters". This is an apt name for Aguas Buenas, a town known for its fresh water springs, which produce pure, clean water for the local people living here. Fancisco Salas founded Aguas Buenas on May 25, 1838.

Puerto Rico’s Aguas Buenas takes up an area of 78 square kilometers and is made up of a number of districts, which includes Juan Ascencio, Pueblo, Bairoa, Sonadora, Sumidero, Mulas, Mulitas, Bayamóncito, Jagüeyes and Cagüitas. The town of Aguas Buenas has a small population of 31,149 people living and working there.

The topography of the land is fairly mountainous and there are a number of rivers like the Bairoa, Bayamn, Cañas and Caguitas. The mountains located in this area are part of the Central Mountain Range of Cayey, which is west of the city of Caguas, east of the city of Comerío, north of the cities of Caguas and Cidra and south of the cities of San Juan, Guaynabo and Bayamón. La Peña at a height of 552 meters, Santa Bárbara at 510 meters and Chícharo at 490 meters, are the highest peaks in the Central Mountain Range.

There are different types of accommodation available to visitors when they visit Aguas Buenas. Some of the places to keep in mind are the Casa Grande Mountain Retreat (a small Inn), Hacienda Juanita (Bed and Breakfast), Monte Rio Hotel, La Estancia Apartment (Rental), Villas de Sotomayor (Parador) and Hacienda Margarita, which is a guest house. Prices may vary greatly depending on what you go for and which area you stay in.

There are also a number of sights and attractions one can visit. There is the Cacique Jayuya Monument found in the Jayuya district and the Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park, which was built by the Taíno Indians nearly eight hundred years ago. There is the Caonillas Lake, which is a lovely place to take your family for a walk and a picnic. If you have children who enjoy sporting activities then take them to the Area Recreative La Ceiba where you will find facilities like volleyball courts, basketball courts and a swimming pool. These are only a few of the sights that can be found in Aguas Buenas, there are many more to visit and see.

Some of the festivals you can look out for are the Aguas Buenas Carnival, which takes place in the month of March. Also the Festival Folklorico de Campo y Pueblo and Fiestas Patronales Nuestra Senora de la Merced, which take place in January and September respectively. You will most definitely enjoy you’re your stay in Aguas Buenas no matter what time of the year you visit.

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