Discover Barranquitas – Small Town Beauty

Barranquitas is a small inland town in Puerto Rico. It can be reached by a two hour drive from San Juan through mountainous terrain. This little town is quite often visited by locals for its historical value as two of Puerto Rico's governors stem from here. The houses where these famous men once lived have now been turned into museums which are open to the public.

Another point of interest in Barranquitas is the San Cristóbal Canyon. One of the deepest canyons in the Indies, this impressive gorge was used as a refuse dump for many years. Fortunately recent years have seen it cleaned out and its natural beauty subsequently restored. There are a few tour operators who offer trips down into the San Cristóbal Canyon, but these should not be undertaken by the faint hearted.

There are quite a few museums housing interesting historical artifacts relating to the area. The town’s impressive plaza with its four fountains and a magnificent statue are also worth seeing. Besides this, you can enjoy various activities such as hiking, camping, horseback riding, bird watching, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking and mountain climbing. There are a few tour operators working in the area who organize such activities. If you would prefer to play a sport, you might try the Área Recreativa La Ceiba – a recreational camping area that offers volleyball, basket ball and swimming.

If you enjoy breezing through local craft stalls and shops, you might try visiting during the Feria Nacional de Artesanías. This annual art fair is considered by many to be one of the most important art fairs in Puerto Rico. There are usually over 200 artists and crafters who participate in the event. It would be best to contact local authorities, or visit the festival’s website to establish the exact date of the festival if you wish to attend.

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