Join Comerio’s Vibrant Annual Festivities

Just east of central Puerto Rico you will find a little city by the name of Comerio. Locals like to call this charming place ‘La Perla de Plata’ – which basically means ‘the pearl of the Plata’. Comerio is set in a geographically beautiful area with two rivers – the Rio Hondo Arroata and La Plata – running through it. If the nickname is anything to go by, Comerio must be one of the most picturesque towns to be found along the La Plata River.

Comerio in Puerto Rico was originally established under the name ‘Sabana del Palmar’ on 12 June 1826. However it was later changed to its present name in honor of a local Indian chief called Comerio. The city is currently home to roughly 20,000 people and is spread out over approximately 73 square kilometers. Local incomes are relatively low when compared to other parts of the island, but still the people of Comerio live happy, healthy lives. Comerio is divided into approximately eight different wards. These are: Cedrito, Nananio, Palomas, Doña Elena, Piñas, Rio Hondo, Pueblo and Vega Redonda. Much of the surrounding area is used for tobacco farming and the lives of the residents of Comerio are almost always tied up in this industry in one way or another.

This small city is not the most exciting place to visit. Still, if you look hard enough you will always find at least one gem in each of Puerto Rico’s cities and towns. In Comerio the main attraction is probably the Centro Recreativo El Rancho de Corozal. However, if the idea of visiting a ranch doesn’t seem all that appealing to you there are other things worth seeing in Comerio. The Carnaval de Primavera is held in Comerio every April, while the Festival Jibaro is held here each June. When November rolls around everyone gets ready to celebrate the Fiestas de San Andres Apostol. However, the biggest festival of the year has to be the Fiestas Patronales Santo Cristo de la Salud which is held in August. This festival features dances, good local food, religious processions and bright, colorful and noisy parades. So give this small city a try and discover a new side of Puerto Rico.

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