Corozal and the Birthplace of Volleyball

If you have the time to travel around Puerto Rico when you visit this beautiful island country, you may come across a city by the name of Corozal. The city is situated north east of the center of the island and it takes its name from the ‘palma de corozo’ (Acrocomia media) which grows abundantly in the region. The city is mid-sized, being home to more than 36,000 people, and it covers an area of approximately 109 square kilometers, divided into 13 different municipal wards. The administrative center of the city is known as Corozal Pueblo.

The village of Corozal in Puerto Rico was founded as early as 1795, though just nine years later, in 1804, it officially became a town. The town was founded by two men – Joaquin Marrero and Jose de Rivera Ortiz. Despite its distance from the beach, the town is also known as ‘La Cuna del Volibol’ which means ‘the birthplace of Volleyball’. While it may not be the first place the sport was ever played, it was likely the first place in Puerto Rico to ever see the sport. It is interesting to note that this sport is still widely supported in the town today. But people do not come here for the volleyball – even if it is rather good – instead they come here to enjoy the many fine attractions that can be found at Corozal.

The most notable attraction is the Historical Center of Cibuco. This Puerto Rican attraction mixes a beautiful public park with a museum. It is dedicated to the Taíno people who once populated Puerto Rico and features a variety of relics left behind by them, including paints, artifacts and other objects. It also has a display relating to the history of the town. You will find the El Rancho Recreation Center nearby, which is definitely worth a visit. For something different, try take in a meal or a drink at the Balalaika. This diner-come-liquor store opened to the public in 1878 and has seldom missed a day’s business since. If you enjoy a good festival, there are five different festivals hosted by this town each year, including the lively National Plantain Festival. So come and visit Corozal and discover a great part of Puerto Rico.

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