Gurabo and “The City of Stairs”

The city of Gurabo was founded in 1815 by Luis Del Carmen Echevarria and is also known as Pueblo de Las Escaleras. This alternative name means "City of Stairs", as most of the city was, and in some parts still is, only accessible by the stairways that were carved into the mountain. Visitors must therefore be prepared to climb a few stairs instead of catching a taxi to all destinations. The layout of the city makes Gurabo one of the more interesting and unusual destinations in Puerto Rico.

The population of Gurabo is estimated at approximately 32,000, and the residents of the city have a reputation for being an agricultural and manufacturing community. They deal mostly with dairy products and are important providers of textiles, electronic equipment, plastic, pharmaceuticals, metal, machinery and paper. The locals of Gurabo are very industrious and the Universidad Del Turabo has been located here since 1972. There are two rivers that feed the land surrounding Gurabo and the unmistakable smell in the air confirms that you have just entered tobacco country.

Gurabo also has a wonderful variety of attractions such as
the Del Turabo University Museum, Cofresi Park and Loiza Lagoon. The Centro
de Exposicion is a very interesting museum. It is first and foremost a museum of art and history, but you are also able to take dance lessons here or attend art classes. The two main festivals that are held in Gurabo are the Mapeye Festival in October and the San Jose Patron Festival that is held in March. Gurabo is also home to the prestigious Puerto Rico Baseball Academy and many scholars work hard to join the ranks of the elite.

Golfing enthusiasts will be relieved to know that the Bambuas Golf and Country Club is situated at the Ciudad Jardin Resort in Gurabo. Here golfers are challenged by water hazards and bunkers but it all seems worth the effort when looking at the beautiful landscape that the course has been built on. We recommend that visitors to Puerto Rico add Gurabo to their list of destinations in Puerto Rico as the town is interesting, entertaining and breathtaking.

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