Morovis – A Quaint Municipality Near San Juan

If you are planning to visit some of the lesser known towns and regions of Puerto Rico, why not plan to spend a few hours in Morovis? Puerto Rico is divided into several municipalities, each of which covers a number of wards within its territory. Morovis is located in the central part of Puerto Rico and is spread over thirteen different wards. The administrative center of the city is known as Morovis Pueblo. Locally Morovis is known as ‘La Isla Menos Morovis’ which can be translated as ‘the island except Morovis’. The phrase dates back to the cholera epidemic of 1853 which struck the entire island of Puerto Rico with the single exclusion of the small town of Morovis. Hence, the phrase refers to the fact that the whole island, except Morovis, suffered from this outbreak.

What is now the town of Morovis was originally a part of the neighboring Manati municipality. However, in 1815 a local resident by the name of Don Juan Jose de la Torres united a group of residents with the purpose of separating Morovis from Manati – a matter which proved to be rather complicated, taking two years for the Puerto Rican government to approve the separation on the condition that certain requirements be met. These requirements were that the population reach one thousand residents and that several public buildings as well as a church be built in Morovis. One year later, in 1818, Morovis finally met the criteria and became a municipality and town. The first mayor of the city was Don Juan Jose de la Torres who only officially took his seat in 1822 after the mayorship was properly constructed.

Today the municipality of Morovis is sustained on light industry, coffee growing and cattle ranching. It also benefits to a small degree from tourism though there are very few notable attractions to be found here. If you visit at the right time of the year, participating in the agricultural toasting is popular. Otherwise you might take a trip to the Blue Star Stable or even spend some time at the beautiful Cabachuelas Caverns. The people of Morovis celebrate five different festivals and events between May and December – many of which are bright, colorful affairs. Morovis is just over 39 miles from San Juan and it will take you roughly an hour to travel the distance by car. So visit this great little town and discover the pretty little municipality of Morovis.

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