The Renowned Orange District of Naranjito

Braulio Morales founded the municipality of Naranjito in 1824. The name Naranjito comes from the orange tree, one of the many popular fruit trees grown throughout this area. Naranjito is located in the innermost part of Puerto Rico and covers fifteen different districts. The names of some of the districts situated in the Naranjito region are Achiote, Guadiana, Nuevo, Cedro Arriba, Anones, Lomas and Cedro Abajo.

The flag that represents the Naranjito area features an orange tree, reflecting its importance to the people in this lovely part of Puerto Rico. The background of the flag is completely orange and has two narrow green stripes, one at the top part of the flag and one at the bottom part of the flag. This symbolizes the region beautifully, since the orange section represents the many orange trees found here and the two green stripes represent the mountains that are green throughout the year.

Naranjito has both an agricultural section to it as well as a commercial or business section that sustains the local economy. The agricultural aspect mainly has to do with a variety of fruits, poultry and cattle that are cultivated and grown. The industry of the town is dependant on a number of small factories that have been established here.

When you come visit Naranjito you will find that there is a lot to see and plenty to keep you entertained. Some of these landmarks and attractions include Anones Park, Trovador Plaza, Cancha Gelito Ortega, La Marina Boardwalk, Las Avispas Hills, La Plata Lake, Cedro Abajo Falls and the Municipal Swimming Pool if you want to cool down during the hot summer months. One of the sports enjoyed most by Naranjiteños is volleyball.

You may recognize some of the names of notable people that originated from this region, including Aurelio Gracia Morales and Mercedes Rosado – both of whom are practicing lawyers and superior Judges. José Archilla Cabrera is a well known Poet, Pharmacist and Professor and Francisco Roque is also known as a well-respected Poet.

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