The Historic Town of El Pueblo Corazon

Juan Rivera de Santiago founded Orocovis municipality in 1825, taking the name for this area from a local Indian Chief whose name was Orocovix. Orocovis is also known as "El Pueblo Corazon," which means "the Heart Town". Orocovis is located in the central region of the Puerto Rico in the island's most central mountain range.

Some of the sights and attractions that you can visit in Orocovis include the Orocovis Arts, Tourism and Technology, Toro Negro Lookout Tower, La Guaira and Dona Juana Recreational centers and Plaza de Recreo de Orocovis. There are two gorges called the Palmary Cacao and the Dona Juana and a number of rivers in the vicinity of the Orocovis municipality.

In the vicinity of Orocovic there is the 7,000 thousand-acre Toro Negro Forest Reserve where you are afforded beautiful views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic oceans. If you are looking for somewhere to stay and you enjoy camping then the Forest Reserve is perfect for you. A stay here also provides a wonderful opportunity for keen mountain climbers to attempt the tallest mountain peak in Puerto Rico. The camping sites include facilities like clean water, showers, bathrooms and a place to make your campfires.

Other lodgings in Orocovis that are a little less basic are the Casa Grande Mountain retreat, which is a small inn, the Monte Rio Hotel and the Hacienda Juanita, which provides bed and breakfast. If you want to enjoy a really nice dinner out in the town then the La Llave De Oro is a restaurant that you must certainly try. June is a good time of the year to experience a bit of the local culture and festivities. This is when the Fiestas Patronales de San Bautista is celebrated including a variety of Puerto Rican dishes, religious processions, dancing and parades to celebrate the patron saint.

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