Arecibo – A Puerto Rican Colonial Town

Puerto Rico's Arecibo is a colonial town known for its many interesting attractions. It had its start in 1556 when it became the third Spanish settlement in Puerto Rico. Locals fondly refer to Arecibo as the "North's Diamond". This fascinating town has also been referred to as "La Villa del Capitán Correa" due to the battle won by Captain Antonio Correa with a few soldiers here against a British invasion by sea led by Englishmen Admiral Whelstone in August 5, 1702.

Most visitors are interested in visiting Arecibo’s biggest attraction, the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Centre. As one of the largest observatories in the world, this attraction should simply not be missed. The centre has a fascinating and powerful radar-radio telescope. It was inaugurated in 1963 and it has the largest single-unit radio telescope in the world. It is interesting to note that on 7 April 1964 scientists used the telescope to determine the rotation rate of the planet. Mercury was only 59 days away from Earth, not 88 days as was previously thought. In 1968, the first neutron stars were also discovered by Arecibo Observatory‘s remarkable telescope.

Another attraction in Arecibo is the cave that was discovered near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The cave is a historical archaeological site. There are artworks and drawings on the walls of the cave dating back to when the Taino Indians lived there. Be sure to visit this prehistoric place since you will likely find it to be most intriguing. Would you like to view one of the oldest buildings in Arecibo? Then you must visit The City Hall, built in 1866. An earth tremor destroyed the front of the building some time ago, but later repairs to this quaint building have restored it to its former glory. A tower and clock were added to the building at the same time.

Another sight in Arecibo is the poplar lighthouse that visitors love to visit. It was built by the Spaniards in 1898. This lighthouse is still in use to this day, so be sure to come along and view this most amazing structure. Arecibo is known for it productivity when it comes to agricultural machinery, clothing, plastics, paper and sporting goods.

Arecibo is a fascinating destination for you and your family to visit so why not travel here and see for yourself.

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