Barceloneta – “La Ciudad de las Pinas”

Barceloneta is also known as “la ciudad le las pinas” which means “Pineapple City”. This is due to the numerous pineapple plantations which extend over most of the land that surrounds the city. There are many attractions in the town of Barceloneta, but a particularly special one is the Patron Saint Festivals. During this time the patron saint of all the island's towns and cities are held in esteemed with a number of celebrations in their honor. The festivities include a major procession in each particular area, rides, games, regional foods and musical shows. These festivals, which take place annually in each town square, are known as the “fiestas patronales”.

The Museum and Electronic Library found in Barceloneta is the original home of the famous boxer Sixto Escobar. The museum is open from Monday to Thursday from 10am in the morning till 9pm at night. It also opens up on Fridays and Saturdays from 8am till 4:30pm in the afternoon.

Sixto was born on the 23rd of March 1913. His career as a boxer began at the tender age of seventeen when he was promoted in Puerto Rico and Venezuela. It was in Venezuela though that he got his first taste at the Venezuelan Bantamweight title championship but unfortunately he lost after 12 rounds against Jose T. Rosales. Nevertheless, Sixto Escobar became a national hero because he was the first Puerto Rican champion boxer – a title which spanned another 30 years until Carlos Ortiz won Junior Welterweight title. The fight that brought him fame, glory and made history was his fight against Mexican boxer Baby Casanova. After his passing on the 17th of November 1979, Sixto was again honored by his home town of Barceloneta when they erected a statue of him. This made him the first world boxing champion to receive such a tribute. Unfortunately due to controversy the local government had the statue taken down and a park created instead. In 1995 he was once again honored with a statue of himself, which was revealed at the San Juan Sixto Escobar Stadium.

Also worth seeing in Barceloneta are the forests of Cambalache; a natural wonder which can be found in and around the cities of Arecibo and Barcelonta. The Cambalache forest is situated in the moist forest zone known as the Holridge Subtropical Zone. The area features two specific soil types – one a limestone soil and the other a red-clay alluvial loam soil. There are also two vegetation classifications with the largest percentage characterized by hillsides and the smaller percentage of vegetation as valleys and narrow bottomlands. So come discover this amazing natural wealth for yourself by visiting Barceloneta.

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