Vega Alta – An Unforgettable Vacation Destination

Francisco de los Olivos founded Vega Alta in 1775. It is known to locals as “El Pueblo de los Nangoraos”, meaning Town of Squaters. Vega Alta is located on the northern coast, near the towns of Morovis, Dorado and Vega Baja. This seemingly unremarkable destination in Puerto Rico is known for the breathtaking Vega Alta Forest which is popular with hikers. Vega Alta is also the hometown of the world famous New York Yankees All Star, Bernie Williams.

Even though Vega Alta is seen as a perfect vacation destination in
Puerto Rico, the community is known for more than just its hospitality. Vega
Alta has an important agricultural sector that produces sugar cane, fruit,
dairy products, meat, poultry and pork. They also have a softer side to their
agricultural industry since they supply many other towns and cities with a
large variety flowers and beautiful ornamental plants.

Vega Alto is a destination in Puerto Rico that is filled with activities
and noteworthy sights. The Vega Alta Forest is a treasure chest of sinkholes, caves, walkways, hiking trails and a spectacular range of fauna and flora. There are recreational facilities available within the forest. Many visitors flock to the Cerro Gordo Beach where they can bask in the sun in an effort to attain the perfect tan. The Iglesia Catolica Inmaculada Conception de Maria is an astounding 18th century Catholic Church that is as spectacular today as it was the day construction was completed in 1813.

Visitors that can’t live a day without shopping should visit the Plaza
Caribe Mall which has approximately fifty shops to choose from. Visitors are
also recommended to take a look around the Gran Caribe Gallery where they can find some truly breathtaking artworks. Water sport enthusiasts can
speak to the friendly staff at the Scuba Dogs outlet who provide training
in their heated pool, snorkeling activities and scuba diving excursions.

The festivals that are hosted in Vega Alta are exciting, exhilarating and
extremely fun. You can look forward to the Rooster Festival that is held in
October, the Three Kings Fiestas in January and the very popular Festival de
la Chiring, or Kite Festival. Hundreds of handmade and very colorful kites
take to the skies during the festival in order to win a prize in the various divisions.

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