Guanica Offers EcoTourism and a Tropical Paradise

Guanica got its name from the Taino Indian term that means "here is a place with water". Guanica is a beautiful town with many places of interest; it has beautiful beaches and the largest remaining tract of cactus-scrub-subtropical dry forest in the world. The dry forest has more than 700 plant species of which 16 exist nowhere else in the world and 48 are endangered.

Because of the tropical climate in and around the forest, it provides perfect habitats for exotic bird species. This makes Guanica Forest a bird-watchers paradise. The forest is also home to mangrove forests, manatees and crested toads and provides nesting sites for the indigenous Hawksbill turtles. Unfortunately mongooses are posing a threat to the eggs and hatchlings of these slow-moving creatures. You should also be on the look out for the indigenous “crazy ants” which are very common here.

Close by is the Parguera Phosphorescent Bay, which is inhabited by millions of luminescent dinoflagellates that light up by producing sparks of chemical light when they are disturbed. They are truly fascinating to see and this stunning bay is definitely worth a visit.

Guanica is a quiet hideaway where activities are blended effortlessly with the surrounding tranquility. This is a part of Puerto Rico which is far removed from the glitz and the casinos in San Juan. Guanica is an exclusive retreat that offers the best in relaxation, fine dining and fabulous diving and eco-tourist wonders.

Guanica enjoys a near-perfect climate all year round with almost no extended rain fail periods. This means that visitors can almost always enjoy the selection of exciting water sport facilities for locals as well as tourists, like snorkeling, kayaking, diving, scuba-diving, fishing and swimming.

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