Mercedita is Home to a Airport With International Connections

Mercedita, located to the east of the central business district of Ponce in Puerto Rico, is home to the Ponce campus of the Inter American University and a variety of hotels primarily servicing the business district, as well as the Mercedita Airport.

In the past the Mercedita Airport used to receive Eastern Air Lines’ Lockheed L1011 jets, as well as DC-10s from American Airlines. The bigger airlines eventually stopped using Mercedita in favor of the bigger airport in Ponce. Nevertheless, this small, but efficient airport serves as the air traffic base for the area. The airport covers an area of 274 acres and has one runway as well as an administration building.

Interestingly, some believe that Mercedita has been established on an area which belongs to undead spirits of days gone by. While the majority of residents of Mercedita deny that there is any paranormal activity in their suburb, rumors persist with tales of a ghostly gentleman carrying a sword down at Lago Bronce waterfront, who apparently has been spotted reading his newspaper. Other ghosts include a woman with maggots crawling out of her ears and carrying a human skull, another woman carrying her head under her arm and a young woman wearing a blood-covered wedding dress. However, despite these reported sightings, Mercedita is a thriving suburb and bustling business district.

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