Yauco – A Fantastic Destination in Puerto Rico

In 1755 Fernando Pacheco approached the Crown for permission to establish a town in the southeastern region that was known as Coayuco. This area had been inhabited by indigenous tribes for many years - long before Juan Ponce de Leon invaded the island of Puerto Rico in the year 1508. On 29 February 1756 permission was granted for the establishment of the town and Yauco was founded. Some believe that the name of the town was derived from the Coayuco River, while others have said that it is rooted in the Yucca plant. Either way, this destination in Puerto Rico also goes by another name, "El Pueblo del Café", which means "Coffee City".

The town of Yauco is located near Adjuntas, Sabana Grande, Maricao and Lares and covers an area of approximately 177 square kilometers. Its population is estimated between 45 to 46 thousand residents and locals make a living from the agricultural sector. Yauco was once considered to be the world’s coffee capital, as the coffee produced in this city is known to be very low in caffeine, but extremely rich in taste. During the twentieth century, as with most agricultural sectors in Puerto Rico, the focus of production had shifted from coffee to sugar. But today Yauco produces and exports both coffee and sugar and it has added other successful agricultural products such as tobacco, oranges and cotton to its agricultural yield.

Visitors will see many traditional homes in this culturally rich destination in Puerto Rico. Many of the owners of these houses allow visitors to explore and look through their homes. Yauco also has sights and attractions such as the Tozza Castle, Casa Cesari, Mansion Negroni, Vegas Lake, Casa Agre, Lucchetti Lake and the Nuestra Senora del Rosario Hermitage Ruins that are very popular with guests and tourists. A few famous names have come from this beautiful city, including Franciso Mattei, Jose Enamorado Cuesta, Loaiza Cordero and Amelia Agostini.

Visitors to this picturesque destination will not only find significant historical sights, architectural wonders, quaint shops and modern plazas, but spectacular nature reserves and forest reserves that are located outside the city. Yauco is a unique city with its own mixture of culture and tradition and is one of the highly recommended destinations in Puerto Rico.

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