Aguadilla – The Garden City

Aguadilla was founded in 1775 by Luis de Cordova. It is also known as La Villa de Ojo de Agua, which means village of the eye of water. Aguadilla is best known for its high peaks, beaches, surfing and for their traditional bobbin lace making. Aguadilla has a few awesome surf spots that include Crash Boat, which is famous for its clear waters, Gas Chambers, and Wilderness.

Aguadilla is also home to the Caribbean’s biggest modern aquatic theme park, La Cascadas, which offers a beautiful view of the town’s bay and the nearby Desecheo islet. Another big tourist attraction in Aguadilla is the Ojo de Agua (the water eye), which is an underground fresh water source that was used by the Aguadilla harbor in times of the Spanish Occupation.

Aguadilla has a thriving harbor and airport, which makes the processing and trading of mostly sugar, coffee, fruits, tobacco, and cotton much easier and more convenient. Aguadilla also boasts the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse. This striking structure was built in 1889 and it has been designated a historic site worthy of preservation by the National Register of Historical Places.

Whether it is surfing or sightseeing you aim to do on your holiday, Aguadilla has all the facilities to ensure you of a holiday you will never forget. It is also a mere 2.5 hours drive from San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

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