Take Time to Explore Hormigueros

Lying in the west of Puerto Rico is Hormigueros. This interesting destination covers and area of 29 km sq and is home to over 17 000 individuals. Made up of 5 wards, Hormigueros has much to offer visitors. Also known as “El Pueblo del Milagro” (which means “town of the miracle”), Hormigueros is a great destination and well worth a visit.

Puerto Rico’s Hormigueros was established by Gerardo Gonzalez in 1874. There are two theories as to the origin of its name. The first is that it comes from the Taíno name of Horomico. The second comes from the name that was given to the municipality due to its topography, namely “Valle del Hormiguero”, which means “Anthill Valley”. Since its establishment, Hormigueros has grown to encompass 5 wards: Benevente, Lavadero, Hormigueros, Jagüitas and Guanajibo.

There are several attractions in Hormigueros that tourists can visit. One of these is the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Monserrate. This is a historical church with dates back to the 1800’s. Apparently the church is located on a hill where the daughter of Gerardo Gonzalez was found after being missing. The girls said that she had been cared for by Our Lady of Monserrate. However, there seems to be more than one tale regarding the site. Other attractions to look out for when staying in Hormigueros are the Central Eureka sugar refinery and the Birán Recreational Farm. If possible you should plan your trip to Hormigueros to coincide with an exciting festival. Festivals hosted here include the Town Anniversary in April, Certamen de la Talla de la Virgen de Monserrate in April, Our Lady of Monserrate Day in September and the Youth Festival in summer. Indeed, tourists in Hormigueros are sure to have a wonderful time exploring all the features of this town.

Quite a few well-known figures have come from Hormigueros. One of these is Segudo Ruiz Belvis a lawyer, politician and abolitionist. Several avenues and even a school in Hormigueros have been named in his honor. Another famed Hormiguereños is Ana Pagán de Rodríguez, a pianist, composer and professor who was responsible for creating the Girl Scouts Anthem, the anthem for the Future Housewives of America and other renowned pieces.

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