Discover Isabela – The City of Bantams

With its glorious sea shores and mesmerizing oceans, Isabela is a sea-side holiday destination worth noting. With clearly Mediterranean architecture and ethnicity to match, Isabela immerses you in a world of rich culture and diverse atmospheres.

Since its inception in May 1819 "The City of Bantams", as it's often termed, has had a steady population growth and more and more people seem to visit its shores each year. Because of this growth in tourism, it's not surprising that Isabela's biggest industry is tourism. Having some of Puerto Rico's finest beaches,such as Shacks Beach, Isabela has a large amount of domestic tourism along with growing numbers in international tourists too.

Whether you’re a businessman looking for an afternoon adventure, a happy honeymooning couple or on a family vacation, Isabela is sure to have an activity that will keep you smiling and satisfied. Spend an afternoon or a day beachcombing, horse riding, surfing or meandering through 25 miles of available hiking trails. Bosque Estatal de Guajataca, just southeast of Isabela, is a beautiful area with some stunning mountain walks of varying difficulty. With peaks of over 1000ft above sea level, you’re guaranteed of some superb views.

Whilst it seldom gets to uncomfortable levels, the steady breeze in Isabela makes for some fantastic sailing and boating adventures. Explore the Puerto Rican coastline at the helm of your own vessel or enjoy a day off and let someone else take the wheel as they escort you around the lesser known scenic spots and coves around the coastline of Isabela.

The accommodation in Isabela is marvelous to say the least. Whether you’re on a student’s budget or a high flying executive, you’ll feel right at home with an accommodation option to suit you. You’ll find anything from budget sea-view apartments to executive suites in Puerto Rico, so whether it’s a bed and bathroom you need or if you want to be in the lap of luxury, you’ll find exactly what you want in Isabela!

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