Mayaguez – The Home of the Fiestas Patronales

Mayaguez is a lively city with many attractions that will not fail to entertain even the most adventurous people. The city is home to the Juan Rivero Zoo and some beautiful parks with fountains that are blanketed in breathtaking plants and trees, that can also be explored at the Tropical Agricultural Research Station. There is no better place to soak up Puerto Rico's culture and heritage than in the streets of Mayaguez. It is here that you will find plenty of Puerto Rican-style architecture as well as many beautiful historical buildings.

The economy of Mayaguez revolves around its port as well as a number of industries like the production of the well known India and Medalla beers. There are many shopping centers in Mayaguez where you will find most of the popular fast food chains and big stores found in the US. You can also find an interesting and diverse array of little articles at many of the smaller shops. Restaurants offer an excellent variety of food, from local traditional dishes to international gourmet food. Thus, you can be assured that even the most challenging connoisseur will be completely satisfied.

The Mayaguez Holiday Inn Hotel, Mayaguez Resort & Casino and the Mayaguez Hilton have very nice casinos and nightclubs to keep you busy after the sun has set. There are also some local pubs and a bowling ally that are mostly used by students. The popular “Fiestas Patronales” celebration and the carnival festivities are organized and enjoyed every year in February. There are also a number of other worthwhile festivals and musical shows that are during other months. Visitors are also recommended to attend some of the spectacular productions hosted by the Teatro Yaguez.

Mayaguez is close to some of the most beautiful beaches on the Island and so many residents enjoy participating in various water sports. These include swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, jet-skiing and fishing. So give Mayaguez a try and discover a whole new corner of the island.

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