Enjoy a Visit to Moca

If you are making travel arrangements for your trip to Puerto Rico, why not consider making a visit to the municipality of Moca. Named from the Andira Inermis or Moca tree that grows here in abundance, this picturesque part of Puerto Rico is a treat. Moca is situated on the western side of the island and it incorporates as many as ten different wards. The central part of the municipality and the administrative center is known as Moca Pueblo.

Moca was founded in 1772 by Don Jose de Quinonez, though the actual founding date is still somewhat a matter of debate. Whatever the case, most people commonly accept 7 April 1772 as the official founding date. The town has led a largely peaceful existence, not even offering resistance when armed forces from the United States stormed the town in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. Fortunately this meant that casualties were low and the town was largely left alone during that time of unrest. The main industrial activity that took place in the town around this time was the manufacture of mundillo lace. This handmade bobbin lace is intricate and beautiful and has even become synonymous with the town of Moca in Puerto Rico. As a result, Moca is sometimes called ‘La Capital del Mundillo’ (the Lace Capital) and many visitors still enjoy learning about the production of this intricate lace when they visit Moca today.

In modern times more revenue is generated from fruit and cattle farming than from lace making, but tourists are still able to visit and enjoy the beautiful pink or purple flowers of the Andira Inermis which abound here. The climate is generally warm and tropical and Moca does not suffer from any climatic extremes. Visitors may want to visit the Enrique Laguerre House, the Our Lady of Monserrate parish, the Mellendez Castles, the Enriqueta Hacienda and Julia’s Mundillo Shop. If you visit during festival time, you may be able to enjoy the Shrimp Festival, the Mundillo Festival or the Enchaquetao Parranda. Festivals are held from May to December and if you would like to enjoy the festivities it is probably best to check ahead to make sure of the festival dates.

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