Discover Quebradillas – Fauna and Flora Fascination

Quebradillas is known for the many streams that run through the town and it also enjoys close proximity to about twenty designated forest reserves. The town is sometimes called "La Guarida del Pirata", which means "The Pirate's Hideout", because of the fact that the town was a known Pirate hidey-hole many centuries ago. Today the strongest proof of this fact is a structure that can be found at the Puerto Hermina beach, which was once a very popular pirate lair.

Quebradillas is home to some very unusual beautiful landscapes and hosts some of the islands most beautiful beaches, so all your tanning and shell seeking needs will be fully satisfied. The Guajataca State Forest is an example of Puerto Rico's more unusual scenery. It is characterized by some fascinating haystack-shaped hills and sinkholes and has over 40 walking trails as well as over 25 miles of maintained footpaths. Quebradillas is also home to the man made Guajataca Lake that is about 4 kilometers long and which is surrounded by many unspoiled hiking trails.

Bird lovers will be particularly pleased with Quebradillas’ wide collection of exotic birds and the nice habitats provided for some of their species. If you are one of those people who prefer to lie in the sun, sipping a cocktail whilst enjoying your vacation, then you won’t have a problem finding a spot in Quebradillas. Guajataca Beach has beautiful white sands with wild and deep waters, to satisfy your swimming and sun-tanning needs.

When walking through the neighborhood streets of Quebradillas, you will most definitely find groups of young basketball players testing each others skills. Quebradillas is home to the legendary basketball team “Piratas de Quebradillas” – an appropriate reference to this town’s fascinating past.

Several small businesses have begun to thrive in the surroundings of Quebradillas, including bird breeders, orchid growers and some small antique, and specialty stores. Quebradillas is situated about an hours drive from San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, and is easily assessable by ferry or car.

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