Discover Rincon – Unrivalled Watersports Paradise

Rincon has many interesting things to discover and has a very relaxed casual feel to it. It is a wonderful and secluded beach town that has allowed time and the troubles of the world to pass it by. This wonderful place is filled with a number of delightful sights and the sounds of friendly people.

The beaches of Rincon, such as Rincon Bay Beach, allow both tourists and locals to enjoy themselves to the full almost right through the year. You can surf big waves, snorkel in the calm waters and see humpback whales frolic near the shore all in the same day. Visitors can also take a boat trip, go horseback riding in the forest or enjoy a picnic at one of the many parks with friends and family.

The people of Rincon still maintain a number of the Old Spanish traditions that have been handed down from one generation to the next over roughly 500 years of history. The town has a wonderfully rich history and the town’s people are very proud of its heritage. Though most of its citizens speak English very well, Spanish is actually their native language.

Rincon offers vacationers quiet surroundings, uncrowded beaches, great restaurants and eateries, affordable accommodation, convenient shopping, varied recreation and beautiful unspoiled mountain scenery. So pull up a comfortable chair, sip your pina colada and experience the warm beaches and beautiful sunsets of Rincon.

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