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    El Capitolio

    The construction of a capital building was first initiated by Luis Munoz Rivera who was the Commissioner of Puerto Rico in the year 1907. Although Rivera's suggestion was not acted on immediately, construction eventually started on the El Capitolio de Puerto Rico in 1925 and was completed by the year 1929. The design and construction of the Puerto Rico Capital Building was done by Rafael ...

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    Casa Cautino

    The Casa Cautino is a masterpiece that was built for an extremely rich and well-respected family. The home was the dream and vision of Genaro Cautino Vàzquez, a colonel in the Spanish Army and a landowner. Manuel Texidor was recruited by the Cautino family to design and oversee the building of Casa Cautino in 1887. Casa Cautino is located in Guayama and is seen as a historical Puerto ...