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    Ponce Art Museum

    Also known as the ‘Museo de Arte de Ponce’, the Ponce Museum of Art is an extraordinary art museum. Located at 2325 Las Américas Avenue, the museum covers various artistic fields over a period of five centuries. Most of the art is western and there are currently well over 850 paintings, 800 sculptures and 500 prints on display in the museum – altogether there are more than 3000 pieces in the ...

  • Art Galleries

    Butterfly Art Gallery

    One of the more unusual art galleries you can visit while staying in the city of San Juan is the Butterfly Art Gallery situated in 257 Calle De La Cruz in the center of historic Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Butterfly Art Gallery was first formed in 1970 and is now situated in a magnificent colonial mansion. The architecture of this mansion is beautiful and is indicative of a strong Spanish ...

  • Art Galleries

    Claudia Del Mar

    Claudia Del Mar Fine Arts is a fascinating Puerto Rican art gallery located in San Juan. It falls under the care of Eugenia Rosario Seda, a private dealer with high credibility in Puerto Rico's art community. Over the years it has displayed artworks by talented individuals such as Rafael Tufiño, Francisco Rodon and Julio Rosado del Valle. Claudia Del Mar Fine Arts is concerned chiefly with ...