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  • Roberto Clemente Coliseum

    Whenever large events are organized in San Juan, they are usually hosted in the Roberto Clemente Coliseum. This sporting facility is the biggest of its kind in Puerto Rico, with enough seating for 10 000 spectators and a ground area that measures approximately 50 000 square feet in size. The two-storey Roberto Clemente Coliseum can host most events comfortably.

  • Sport

    Baseball, basketball, biking, skating, sailing, bowling, camping, cycling, diving, fishing, golf, hiking, horses, surfing, tennis...Take your pick!There's a plethora of outdoor activities to keep you entertained whilst in Puerto Rico. Whether you're the active, get-involved type or the sit-down-and-watch-others type, there'll be something for you to enjoy in Puerto Rico.

  • Gurabo

    The city of Gurabo was founded in 1815 by Luis Del Carmen Echevarria and is also known as Pueblo de Las Escaleras. This alternative name means "City of Stairs", as most of the city was, and in some parts still is, only accessible by the stairways that were carved into the mountain. Visitors must therefore be prepared to climb a few stairs instead of catching a taxi to all destinations. The ...