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  • Boa

    The Puerto Rican Boa (Epicrates inornstus) is another of Puerto Rico’s wildlife species that finds its existence threatened and it is named on the IUCN endangered species list. History shows that the Puerto Rican Boa was hunted for snake oil and the exportation thereof. Sadly, the illegal hunting of this beautiful Puerto Rican snake is still ongoing. By the 1900’s, hunting and deforestation ...

  • Bats

    There are approximately thirteen bat species in Puerto Rico including the Parnell’s moustached bat, big brown and red bat, the Mexican bulldog bat (fishing bat), the Antillean ghost-faced bat, Mexican free-tailed bat and the Jamaican fruit-eating bat. Of these thirteen species of bat, seven of them eat mainly insects, one variety lives on nectar alone, one species eats fish and the other ...

  • Wildlife

    Puerto Rico is an island teeming with life. From the sparkling ocean waters to the dazzling forests, Puerto Rico boasts an amazing diversity and abundance of wildlife. Be sure to explore the many natural areas of this country and discover its fascinating creatures.