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  • El Yunque National Forest

    One of the best places to experience the rainforest, El Yunque, Puerto Rico, immediately immerses the visitor in nature. In fact, the U.S. National Forest Service lists El Yunque as the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. Park system.

  • Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge

    If you travel to Puerto Rico’s west coast you will find a number of natural wonders that are well worth visiting. One of these is the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge and Salt Flats Interpretive Centre. The protected area features some rather unusual plant diversity and is absolutely filled with birds.

  • Bird Watching

    There are a number of bird species found in Puerto Rico, with 17 of them, including the Reina Mora, being endemic to the island. The rest are birds that have migrated to Puerto Rico for the winter or are stopping over on their way to their migration final destination. Puerto Rico is an excellent place to go birding because you may get a chance to see all 17 of these endemic birds on this ...

  • Wildlife

    Puerto Rico is an island teeming with life. From the sparkling ocean waters to the dazzling forests, Puerto Rico boasts an amazing diversity and abundance of wildlife. Be sure to explore the many natural areas of this country and discover its fascinating creatures.

  • Mayaguez Zoo

    The Mayaguez Zoo is managed by the Compañia of Parques Nacionales and is situated a short distance away from Cabo Rojo. This 45-acre tropical zoo provides you and your family with the opportunity to see the animal and bird life found in Puerto Rico up close and on a more personal basis.

  • Montoso Gardens

    If you love all things botanical and have a special interest in tropical plants, you simply have to visit the Montoso Gardens in Puerto Rico. This 90 acre (36 hectare) botanical garden features more than 600 different species of exotic tropical flowers, fruits, nuts, palms and spices. It includes a fruit farm and a nursery, as well as a natural tropical forest.

  • Caguas

    When Caguas was first founded in 1775, it was called San Sebastián del Piñal de Caguax after Caguax, a local Indian chief. Today, Caguas is referred to by a number of names, which includes La Ciudad Del Turabo (Turabo city), El Corazón de boriquén (Boriquén's heart) and La Ciudad Criolla (Criole city). Caguas has a population of about 140, 500 people.

  • Quebradillas

    Quebradillas is known for the many streams that run through the town and it also enjoys close proximity to about twenty designated forest reserves. The town is sometimes called "La Guarida del Pirata", which means "The Pirate's Hideout", because of the fact that the town was a known Pirate hidey-hole many centuries ago. Today the strongest proof of this fact is a structure that can be found ...

  • Culebra

    Culebra is one of Puerto Rico's jewels.Precious stone residue sand and vivid marine life are what you will discover when you visit one of the top sea shores internationally, which is situated there, 20 miles off the bank of Fajardo. This serene tropical island holds incalculable normal zones and flawless areas to investigate and appreciate during your visit. Or on the other hand, just ...

  • El Yunque Visit Center

    Inaugurated in 1996, the El Portal Visit Center provides the perfect introduction to the wonders of a tropical rain forest as El Yunque visitors center. It was designed by the Sierra Cardona Ferrer architectural firm and situated in amidst the El Yunque National Forest and can be reached by the PR 191. Its unusual use of architecture is meant to mirror certain elements of the forest and the ...