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  • Sights

    Punta Borinquen Lighthouse

    If you travel to the coast of Puerto Rico you will probably end up at a great coastal city called Aguadilla. The city is home to several noteworthy attractions that will keep you entertained for the day. One of these is the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse – an amazing and aged structure which makes for great photographs. So if you plan to visit the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse in Puerto Rico, make ...

  • Northern Region


    The city of Camuy has two nicknames, "La Ciudad del Sol Taino", which means the “City of the Taíno Sun”, or "La Ciudad Romantica" meaning “Romantic City”. It is said the city’s name was derived from the Taíno word for sun, which is Camuy. Others believe that it was named after the Camuy River. No matter how the name originated, one thing is for certain - it is a breathtaking city. The ...

  • Porta Caribe (South)


    Guayanilla, located along the southern coast of Puerto Rico, lies just 20 km to the west of the city of Ponce. Also referred to as “El Pueblo que Corre en Yegua”, Guayanilla covers a land area of about 109 square kilometers. Guayanilla has a population of about 27 000 individuals and is spread out over about 17 wards.

  • Northern Region

    Trujillo Alto

    Trujillo Alto was named after its founding father, Alonso de Trujillo. He established the town on 8 January 1801 to the south east of San Juan on the Northern Coastal Plain. As with many Puerto Rican towns and cities, Trujillo Alto was also afforded a nickname amongst the locals. It is known as “El Pueblo de los Arrecostaos”, meaning "the Laid Back Town". And the name alone should convince ...

  • Reserves

    Caja De Muertos Island Reserve

    Just five miles south of Ponce you will find a beautiful little island known as Caja de Muertos Island. This small island is only about 2.75 km long and 1.85 km wide but it is home to an abundance of animal life. All 202 hectares of the island is a nature reserve and though there is a lighthouse situated on the landmass, it has no permanent inhabitants. During the week the island is mostly ...

  • Porta Caribe (South)


    Arroyo (ah-RO-yo) was founded on the 25th December 1855 and is also known as “Pueblo Ingrato-Pueblo Grato”. The name Arroyo comes from a small brook that was used by worn-out travelers who wished to rest and take a drink of water. The city of Arroyo, which has its own local Government, in the 2000 Census had a population of 20,219. It’s located within a dry region called the Southern Coastal ...

  • San Juan and Metro Region


    The city of Catano, pronounced kah-TAH-no, is also referred to as the “La Antesala de la Capital” which means the ‘prelude of the capital’. The location of Catano lies across the bay from San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

  • Northern Region


    Hatillo, pronounced “ah-TEE-yo”, originally consisted of a small piece of land less then ten acres or ten “cuerdas” in size. The land was donated by Agustin Ruiz Miranda on the condition that the majority of the land be used for the erection of public buildings and main streets. The remaining land was to be sold or retrained and used strictly for public housing. This was the beginning of the ...