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  • Hotels

    Hix Island House

    Are you looking to get away from it all and live a simpler, healthier existence? A visit to Hix Island House in Puerto Rico may be just what you need to inspire you. Set on 13 acres of beautiful garden and wilderness on the island of Vieques, Hix Island House is an unusual hotel which combines ecological awareness with contemporary architecture and minimalist living.

  • Eastern Region


    In many ways, the city of Vieques is a place of beauty and rarity. Some would even call it enchanting. Blessed with near perfect weather the whole year around (except for August to October), Vieques is perfect place for any holiday maker. During the summer months the water takes on a most stunning turquoise color which invites you to view the amazing sea creatures and ...

  • Sights

    Faro De Las Cabezas

    While in San Juan take time to visit the Faro de las Cabezaz de San Juan, a lighthouse built by the Spanish and first officially lit up on 2 May 1882. To get to the restored lighthouse you will first pass through the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve known for its bio-diversity and its beauty. The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico manages the Las Cabezas reserve that can be found at the ...

  • Reserves

    Caja De Muertos Island Reserve

    Just five miles south of Ponce you will find a beautiful little island known as Caja de Muertos Island. This small island is only about 2.75 km long and 1.85 km wide but it is home to an abundance of animal life. All 202 hectares of the island is a nature reserve and though there is a lighthouse situated on the landmass, it has no permanent inhabitants. During the week the island is mostly ...

  • Reserves

    Humacao Natural Reserve

    The Humacao Nature Reserve is located on the southeastern coast of the island of Puerto Rico. This is just one of the many nature reserves in Puerto Rico that is know for its diverse and spectacular collection of approximately ninety bird species that have made their homes in this protected area. There are also a few families of monkeys that roam the reserve; contact with them is discouraged ...

  • Reserves

    Ines Maria Mendoza Reserve

    On 13 August 1990 the celebrated teacher and conservationist, Dona Ines Maria Mendoza Rivera de Munoz Marin, passed away. She is remembered by many Puerto Ricans as a constant and tireless foot soldier in the fight for conservation. She fought for the preservation of land, marine life and all animals. Her great legacy lives on in the walls of the school that was named in her honor and the ...

  • Reserves

    Jobos Bay Reserve

    The Jobos Bay Reserve, or Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, covers an area of 2 883 acres that includes mangroves and wetlands. It is also one of the largest estuarine reserves on the island and it therefore amongst the most important nature reserves in Puerto Rico. Jobos Bay Reserve was once home to the Taino Indians and the Arciaco Indians and archaeological sites are ...