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    Try some of these tasty Puerto Rican recipes the next time you want to try something different. With Puerto Rico being a country filled with exotic cuisine and flavors that vary from Ponce to Toa Alta, the recipes below allow visitors to take a part of Puerto Rico home with them, to share with family and friends. Arroz de Leche (Rice Soup) 1 Cup Uncooked Rice 4 Cups ...

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    As with most of Puerto Rico's culture, the country's cuisine reflects strong Taino, Spanish, African and American influences. Locally known as Cocina Criolla or Creole Cooking, Puerto Rican traditional cuisine can be traced back to the original inhabitants of the land who feasted on fruit, corn and freshly caught seafood. Later, when Columbus arrived on the scene in 1493, other meat, rice, ...

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    As the sun sets over the beautiful blue Caribbean waters it is likely that you will be ready to experience some spectacular Puerto Rican cuisine after a day of activity. This is the time of day that you make your way towards one of the many superb restaurants available in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has a lot of variety - so you will find ...

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    Zen Spa Health Studio

    The Zen Spa and Health Studio is situated in San Juan - the capital city of the tropical island of Puerto Rico. When you have explored the sights of San Juan, such as the historic San Juan Cathedral, you may want to take time out at the Zen Spa Health Studio. The studio features twelve guest rooms where the treatments take place, a gym that caters for your physical health and a restaurant ...